Hireabl offer a range of products to help you streamline and automate the end-to-end process of filtering and checking candidates in a single, easy to use platform. This consists of three elements; checkabl, testabl and personabl which can also be used individually if required.


checkabl – They are who they say they are…

checkabl allows you to gather the data you need for pre-screening and filtering potential applicants. During the applicant registration, we automatically check and confirm: e-mail, mobile number and address.

You then decide which additional criteria are required; such as experience, education, location – pretty much anything that you’d normally use when you first filter a CV.

checkabl is a two stage process – once your applicants have completed the testabl and personabl stages (optional) you can then re-vist the checkabl product, this time to carry out more checks, Passport, ID, Driving licence, PEP, DBS, KYC and AML checks and many more.

checkabl allows you to “trust but verify” your next employee or contractor.


testabl – They can do what they say they can do…

testabl is our applicant testing suite – competency based testing can combat the hazards of selecting the wrong talent for your organization. testabl ensures that candidates not only have the qualifications, but truly have the skills and abilities they say they have and are ready to be an effective member of your team.

testabl can help assess:


personabl – They are personable – able to build personal relationships and rapport…

personabl is our video interviewing suite – seeing is believing and believing is seeing! personabl allows applicants to SHOW you the prospective employer who they really are.

Use our text based flash cards or record your own video questions which you want to ask every applicant. This allows you, the employer, to demonstrate your selection process is impartial, consistent, free from bias, fair and open.